NMF Financial statements

In keeping with our mission and promise, we were fast-trackedĀ into achieving non-profit status in a previously unheard of record rate of fewer than 8 weeks, and in doing so, formalized our pledge of financial transparency and disclosure.

The Newtown Memorial Fund Inc.’s fiscal first fiscal year began in December of 2012, but ended on October 31, 2013. This truncated fiscal year was voted into our bylaws to coincide with our utilization of the typically off-peak accounting season to better accommodate volunteer-based CPA and audit services.

Going forward, Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc.’s fiscal year begins on November 1 and closes on October 31 the year following. Attached are the material financial documents for Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc.

Form 990, 2012
Financial statement and Independent Audited Report

Form 990, 2013

Form 990, 2014

Form 990, 2015

Form 990, 2016

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