Newtown High School Graduate Creates Memorial Fund for Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

NEWTOWN, CT (Dec. 17) – Brian Mauriello, a longtime resident of Newtown, CT, and a Newtown High School graduate, has established the Newtown Memorial Fund which is dedicated to ensuring the community has a repository that will honor the memory of the 26 victims who perished at Sandy Hook Elementary on Dec. 14, 2012.

Mauriello, the father of a 6-year-old boy who does not attend Sandy Hook Elementary but a neighboring elementary school in Newtown, felt called to action after his child was spared the horrific events that recently took place.

“I’ve chosen to do something that I think this community will need — not just today or next year, but for generations to come. We need an enduring memorial fund,” says Mauriello. “No amount of money will bring back our loved ones but our hope is that through the centralization of others’ gifts and fundraising work, coupled with our own, we will achieve much more. An integrated approach will provide immediate support, while helping to ensure the victim’s memories are preserved as we make strides for our community to be improved in the future.”

The mission of the Newtown Memorial Fund is threefold:
1. Short-term: To provide financial relief for funeral expenses of those who perished in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre of December 14, 2012. We are hearing now after day 3 that some or all of the funeral expenses are being covered by many donors. If this is true and our assistance is not needed for these expenses, we know there are other immediate expenses for Police duty overtime, and other Community financial needs that arise.
2. Mid-term: To assist Newtown with the design, placement and funding to create a lasting memorial for the community in honor of the 26 victims.
3. Ongoing: To provide an annual scholarship fund that would benefit students of the Newtown Public Schools who will go on to attend college.

Mauriello suggests that those interested in helping visit the fund’s Facebook page at People can also donate or share memories and tributes via the facebook page or the fund’s website at Donations are also accepted by mail at the following address:

Newtown Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 596
Botsford, CT 06404

Donations can also be made online at

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5 Comments on "Newtown High School Graduate Creates Memorial Fund for Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy"

  • Robert Warthen says

    We weep for the victims, especially the children, and pray for
    strength for the grief stricken

  • hope fan says

    Is some of the money able to be used for phychologic concerns that the children might have? Will the funds have to be ” fought” over to get help?

  • Julie says

    Thank you for stepping up and doing something great out of something so tragic. God be with us all. Please!!!

  • Renee says

    Thank you for this website, it helps all who cannot be there to help hurting hearts grieve in Newtown. My prayers of healing & love are with you all. May God hold your hearts in his hands to bring you rest, peace and comfort during this most difficult time.

  • Jackie says

    I know its way to soon to talk about memorials yet, but, my 7 year old daughter had a fantastic suggestion. She asked , ‘Do they have classes in Heaven now?” and in our discussion she envisioned the children making angel wings and halos while the teacher instructed and the other educators looked on or helped some of the students. there were more specifics- we sent it in a letter addressed to Mr. Parker. It is something I thought was incredible for a 7 year old. No matter what the tribute is though, we thank you for this page and know whatever is created will be fitting for those who were lost way to early for no reason we can ever fathom. our hearts are with Newtown in the Florida heat.

    The Dienst Family

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